GFC Industrial Flooring Service MN

Commercial & Industrial spaces present their own unique set of needs and challenges during the consideration process. In addition to the all-important logistical aspects, your coating system must be cost effective, durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. With all of these solutions at our disposal, only GFC Industrial Coatings has the experience, resources, and skill to handle projects of any size.


The GFC Industrial floor coating systems provide significant short and long-term cost saving alternatives to other flooring methods such as concrete, ceramic tile, or stained concrete.

  • Maintenance-Free:With no seams for dirt and debris to collect, cleaning is easy and inexpensive when maintained properly.
  • Cost Effective: Our flooring method is considerably more affordable to install as opposed to expensive tiles or stained concrete. It also requires much less care and will not need to be replaced in a few years. GFC Industrial floors also create an insulated barrier over your concrete floors which can lower heating costs.
  • Healthy Alternative: Radon transmissions are not able to penetrate through the nonporous floor coatings. Our floor coating solution is the best way to prevent dangerous radon emissions from entering your workspace. The floors are also resistant to mold which will eliminate harmful molds and bacteria.
  • Chemical and Stain Resistant: In order to protect you floors from chemical spills, scratches or other stains, our floors can be installed with a durable top-coat. This top coat provides resilience as well as an attractive finish.
  • Decorative: Our floors are also customizable to fit your company’s aesthetic décor and can provide a durable surface that is necessary in high traffic areas.


GFC Industrial floor coatings are ideal for front walkways, entryways, outdoor steps and exterior patios.

  • Protective: Our coating systems provide solutions which will protect your concrete from weather damage as well as wear & tear. The coating is inherently stain-resistant and will not fade under the harsh elements of the Midwest.
  • Warm and Inviting: The installation of our beautiful coatings to your exterior entrances help create warm and inviting atmospheres. Our systems are customizable to reflect your personal style with an attractive appeal and a look of extravagance.