Concrete Replacement & Repair

Has worn-out and cracked concrete flooring become an eyesore for your place of business? Whether it’s flooring for an airplane hangar bay/warehouse, the area around a swimming pool, flooring for your office or retail location, or any other type of business application, GFC Industrial has you covered. Our Minneapolis concrete contractors are able to remove old flooring and install new systems that not only look great, but are also designed to withstand the elements by harnessing LAVINA® technology - meaning your floor doesn’t just look good for the short term, but impresses for years to come.

With all the options GFC Industrial provides, you can pick a design that fits your specific vision – making your space look unique, no matter what type of finish you select (stamping, staining, and polishing are just some of those available). Our Minneapolis concrete replacement solutions are here to help you create the commercial or industrial space you’ve always dreamed of, no matter if it’s indoors or outdoors.